About Fight Life Media


Fight Life Media was started in 2012 by longtime bar patron Felipe “Flip” Medina and former bartender David “Pono” Kuni. While the two hadn’t seen each other in years they had become experienced in the industries of combat sports and content creation, respectively. During a conversation about combat sports, they discussed the state of the fight game and where they thought it was headed. At the time it was rare to see athletes and promoters on social media. Their vision of the future was that the people utilizing social media properly would get noticed and pull ahead of the pack as long as they had the skills to compete on a high level. With the understanding that there is so much more to combat sports than just fighting, the two decided to start Fight Life Media. They are intent on branding superstars and changing the landscape of the Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu communities.


With over fifteen years of experience in the martial arts communities, Flip has taken full advantage of every opportunity afforded to him. He has worked as an instructor, gym owner, MMA referee, MMA judge and was an active athlete. During college he spent majority of his time teaching youth martial arts and volunteering for numerous political organizations and campaigns. He has volunteered for “Rock the Vote” and worked on campaigns for Senator Harry Reid (NV) and Mitt Romney. Felipe has sought out the best in the fight industry and learned everything he could for them. He was taught promoting combat sports from Roy Englebrecht, certified by Big John McCarthy as a referee and judge and worked with the State of New Mexico to fund a youth mixed martial arts program in his hometown of Taos, NM.

He has positioned himself to dedicate his life to the combat sports community. His goal is to teach as many people as possible how to brand themselves and their organizations using new media.

With years of experience in all aspects of the sport and new media, we have helped many athletes and organizations get noticed by the right people to boost their careers. Contact us anytime to set up an appointment.

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